As a member organization of Your Way Home Montgomery County (YWH), FPML is part of a countywide effort to make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring. Since 2014, when the YWH collective was first established, homelessness in Montgomery County has decreased by 47%. FPML contributes to this successful outcome by utilizing a trauma-informed housing first model that includes low-barrier emergency shelter and intensive case management designed to help families quickly regain, and then maintain their housing. All of our services are person-centered, strength-based, flexible, and offered equally to all.

emergency shelter for homeless families montgomery county

Emergency Shelter:    

The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) Emergency Shelter Program modeled after Family Promise’s proven, cost-effective, nationwide model, our IHN Emergency Shelter incorporates capital resources from a diverse group of faith organizations and hands-on support from hundreds of volunteers.

Our partners include 26 congregations along the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia, including Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties. These partners provide a daily meal, compassionate companionship, and safe, secure, overnight accommodations to families experiencing homelessness.

Each day, we transport families to our Day Center. This “home base” provides access to indoor and outdoor play and reading spaces, laundry facilities and showers, a locked storage area for personal belongings, a kitchen, and a computer with Internet. While at the Day Center, families receive intensive case management that supports their movement towards permanent housing. At any one time, our IHN Emergency Shelter is hosting 4 families.

Graduate Self Sufficiency Program

Recently housed families remain vulnerable to a housing crisis for some time as they work to increase their income and build their assets. It often takes several years for a family to become housing stable and economically self-sufficient. To ensure their success, FPML provides an array of diversion services to families who have graduated from our IHN Emergency Shelter. Diversion services include temporary emergency financial assistance for such things as cell phone bills, utility bills, rental assistance, and basic goods, landlord/tenant mediation, negotiating with utility companies, and on-going, comprehensive case management.

eviction prevention programs

Prevention Program:

Designed specifically for Montgomery County families facing imminent eviction, our Prevention Program provides rental cash assistance alongside prevention case management, including such services as negotiating with landlords, budget counseling and maximizing sources of income, including employment opportunities and connection to all eligible benefits; and continued negotiation with landlords to ensure once rent is paid eviction proceedings will stop.

Intensive Case Management: 

Our Emergency Shelter service immediately stabilizes a family and puts them on a goal-directed plan towards permanent housing, mitigating the risks of homelessness, while our Diversion and Prevention services empower families to continue accessing and self-advocating for community resources that will support long-term stability and economic self-sufficiency. At the heart of these programs is person-centered, client-driven, case management.

The housing and social services system is complex. Without help, families struggle to identify, understand, coordinate, and organize the resources they need. The success of our families can be contributed to the intensive, in-person case management we provide.

InterFaith Hospitality Network of the main line an affiliate of family promise helping homeless

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